Tokyo Ghoul: RE Poster Key Art 2

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Tokyo Ghoul: RE Poster Key Art 2

This new Tokyo Ghoul: RE poster will be a great decoration for your room! They are all the protagonists of the series! Among the inhabitants of Japan are hidden sinister creatures posing as humans. They are the Ghouls, beings that can only feed on human flesh. After the battles of a young Ghoul named Ken Kaneki against his own species, the existence of these beings has come to light. The Ghoul Countermeasure Commission created by the government has activated the Quinx Squad, whose members have been subjected to an experimental procedure through which they have received the powers and abilities of a Ghoul. The mentor of this special squad is the researcher Haise Sasaki, the man who in the past was known as Ken Kaneki. His mission is still to fight against other Ghouls, but now he will have to do it accompanied by a team of companions, each of them with his own personality and with his own problems.

This fantastic poster is 61 centimeters long and 91 centimeters high, approximately. The large size of the poster allows you to enjoy all the details of the image that has been chosen for its design. It's one of the "key art" images, one of the promotional images of this anime series. The poster image shows us the team led by Haise Sasaki in full. They are the members of the Quinx Squad! The official logo of Tokyo Ghoul: RE appears in the lower left part of the poster. This poster is an official and licensed product of Tokyo Ghoul and it has been manufactured by GB Eye.

Join the Quinx Squadron in their battle against the sinister Ghouls! Get now this great Tokyo Ghoul: RE Poster Key Art 2 that GB Eye offers us!

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