Umbrella Corp Shot Glasses Set Resident Evil

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Umbrella Corp Shot Glasses Set Resident Evil

This set of shot glasses inspired by Resident Evil is ideal to give a special touch to your parties! Each of these vessels mimics the shape of the beakers that would be used in the laboratory of Umbrella Corporation in which the famous T-Virus was created. The Tyrant Virus or simply T-Virus was created genetically for the purpose of obtaining the greatest biological weapon in the history of mankind. This virus was capable of turning people into zombies!

This super set consists of four shot glasses made of high quality crystal. Each glass measures approximately 7 centimeters high and has a capacity of 100 milliliters. On the front of each glass appears the recognizable Umbrella Corporation red and white umbrella logo, while the back shows the words "Umbrella Co". The set is presented in a gift box with the title of Resident Evil. It's an official product from Resident Evil and has been manufactured by Half Moon Bay.

There may still be something of the T-Virus inside it! Will you dare to drink in these Umbrella Corporation shot glasses? Will your friends dare? Get now the Umbrella Corp Shot Glasses Set Resident Evil that Half Moon Bay offers us!

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