Usopp Figure One Piece BWFC 2018

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Usopp Figure One Piece BWFC 2018
Usopp Figure One Piece BWFC 2018
Usopp Figure One Piece BWFC 2018
The Banpresto World Figure Colosseum 2018 (SCulture Colosseum) brought us this new figure of one of the most beloved members of the Straw Hat Pirates! Banpresto presents this great Usopp figure by the artist Goraesh, who was one of the finalists of the competition focused on the One Piece characters held last year. Usopp was the third member to join the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates of Monkey D. Luffy. He always admired his father for having followed his dream of becoming a pirate and that is why he formed his first pirate band with three other children from his village. When Luffy invited him to join his band, he didn't think twice and since then he is the expert Straw Hat Pirate shooter. Its main weapon is a slingshot that can be combined with the different resources of its arsenal. Each of the stars it throws has different effects: there are explosive, smoke, fire, barbed and even spicy sauce. The aim of Usopp is exceptional!

This fantastic figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 20 centimeters high. This is the Normal Color version. Usopp appears equipped with his slingshot while preparing to launch one of its stars. The figure has even managed to capture the tension of the slingshot ropes. Usopp's face, with its characteristic elongated nose, shows the tension and effort of the moment. The support base is included. This product is an official One Piece license and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

Ussop was well represented in the World Figure Colosseum 2018! What are you waiting to get the great Usopp One Piece BWFC 2018 figure that Banpresto offers us?

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