Uzumaki Naruto Plush Doll Naruto Shippuden 10 cms

  • License: Naruto
  • Made by: ABYstyle
  • Approximate size: 10 cms
  • SKU: PEL00724
14,90 €
Uzumaki Naruto Plush Doll Naruto Shippuden 10 cms
Uzumaki Naruto Plush Doll Naruto Shippuden 10 cms
Uzumaki Naruto Plush Doll Naruto Shippuden 10 cms

"I'm a Jinchūriki, but I have a name, which is what my parents and my teacher left me. I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto was already an anime of gigantic success when there was a jump in time and the main characters stopped being children to become teenagers. The beginning of Naruto Shippuden was a bombshell and from that moment it didn't stop accumulating successes! Maybe our beloved protagonists were older and faced dangers infinitely more serious than before, but deep down they were still those children who had stolen our hearts at the beginning of the series. Following Naruto's journey into adulthood was an incredible experience! That unruly and untalented child not only became one of the best ninjas in history, but he was able to fulfill his goal of helping his friend Sasuke. The fight against Sasuke marked the end of Naruto and the beginning of Naruto Shippuden. Their reunion was the climax of Naruto Shippuden. If you want to remember that fantastic time of the series, ABYstyle offers you this adorable plush doll of your favorite character!

This fantastic plush toy measures 10 centimeters and includes a cord at the top to be easily hung from anywhere. It represents Naruto Uzumaki in his black and orange attire from Naruto Shippuden. You can see his blond hair, his big blue eyes and the characteristic marks on his cheeks similar to the mustache of a fox. Of course, he has on its forehead the bandana with the symbol of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. That object credits him as a Konoha ninja. This product is an official license of Naruto Shippuden manufactured by ABYstyle.

Take the most famous ninja in the world of manga and anime to your home! This cool Uzumaki Naruto Plush Doll Naruto Shippuden made by ABYstyle could be yours right now!

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