Voldemort thermal mug - Harry Potter

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Voldemort thermal mug - Harry Potter
Voldemort thermal mug - Harry Potter
Voldemort thermal mug - Harry Potter

We love the thermal mugs! These incredible mugs change when a hot liquid is deposited on them! This time Paladone presents us this original model of thermal mug inspired by the universe of the most famous magician child in the world: Harry Potter. The great enemy of Harry, the tenebrous sorcerer who was responsible for the death of his parents and that caused him the scar in the form of lightning that he has on his forehead, is one of the most feared figures in the magical world. Everyone refers to him avoiding saying his name. He is called "He Who Must Not Be Named" or "Who You Know", but very little dare to pronounce his real name: Voldemort!

This great thermal mug is made of ceramic and measures 9 centimeters high by 8 wide, approximately. Its capacity is 300 milliliters. In its normal state, the cup shows an illustration of Voldemort on a black background. On one side you can read the text "He Who Must Not Be Named" . Once a hot liquid is deposited inside and changes the temperature of the mug, the white background passes to be black, then the name of the evil villain appears, as if he were screaming it in defiance. Voldemort! Only a few dare to say that name aloud! This product can't be used in the microwave nor can it be washing in the dishwasher. Hand washing is necessary to avoid deterioration of the materials that allow the background to change with the heat. It's an official Harry Potter license and has the quality of all Paladone products

Defy luck by pronouncing the name of the one who should not be named! This cool Voldemort thermal mug from the Harry Potter saga made by Paladone can be yours right now! Or is it that you are afraid of the wicked sorcerer?

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