Weirwood Tree Cup Game Of Thrones

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Weirwood Tree Cup Game Of Thrones

Weirwood trees (commonly referred to as "old trees") are a type of Westeros tree. The followers of the old faith consider them sacred trees and the Sons of the Forest, the inhabitants of Westeros before the arrival of the first men, have carved faces in many of them. It's said that the old gods watch their creatures through those faces. Is it a simple legend or can it hide something else? Nemesis Now offers us one of the most special glasses in their collection of jugs and cups inspired by Game of Thrones!

This impressive cup measures approximately 17 centimeters and is made of resin and stainless steel. It has been painted by hand, obtaining a finish full of details. Rising from knotty roots, this old tree has an ancient face carved into its trunk. A blood-red sap drips from the eyes of the face, as if they were real tears. The trunk is divided into four robust branches that twist and branch to support the gray body of the cup, with red leaves growing around it. The stainless steel part found in the upper segment of the cup can be removed for easy cleaning. It's an official Game of Thrones product and has been manufactured by Nemesis Now.

Discover the old mysteries of Westeros! What are you waiting for to get this amazing Weirwood Tree Cup Game of Thrones that Nemesis Now offers us?

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