Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics

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Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics
Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics
Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics
Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics
Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics

Enough of cute princesses! It's time for Wonder Woman, the princess of the Amazons, to reach the Q Posket line of Banpresto! In addition to having appeared in Batman V Superman and Justice League, this great character has also enjoyed his own film, which has also been one of the highest grossing of the DC Universe. Performed by the actress Gal Gadot, the Amazon warrior has come alive on the big screen to inspire an entire generation of girls who aspire to be like her. Wonder Woman is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, who rules the secret island of Themyscira where the Amazons live since mythological times. This island of women warriors has the blessings of the Greek gods and has remained hidden from human eyes... until Princess Diana decides to look for adventures in the world of men! Named as Wonder Woman, Diana not only lived her own adventures, but she joined heroes such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman or Flash to form the Justice League. Now this amazing superhero also has her own Q Posket figure!

This figure is made of high quality PVC and measures approximately 14 centimeters high. Wonder Woman appears with the design that has become popular thanks to Gal Gadot films. She wears the diadem on the forehead and the breastplate and skirt of Greek inspiration, as well as high boots. She's equipped with a sword and a shield. She also wears metallic bracelets with which she's able to repel bullets. His most powerful weapon, her golden lasso, is hanging from her waist. Her long dark hair flutters as Wonder Woman prepares for battle. It's an impressive figure! This product is an official license of DC Comics and has been manufactured by Banpresto.

What are you waiting for to get the fantastic Wonder Woman Q Posket Figure DC Comics that Banpresto offers us?

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