X-Wing Kid Cap Star Wars

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X-Wing Kid Cap Star Wars

The ideal complement for young Star Wars fans! This kid cap is perfect for the little ones in the house! The Star Wars saga is undoubtedly an intergenerational franchise. The children who grew up with the original trilogy are now adults who take their own children to the cinema to enjoy the films of the new trilogy, a direct continuation of the original. In this way, the new generations can experience the same sensations and get excited by the space adventures of the rebels in their fight against the evil Galactic Empire. Nothing better represents the rebellion than the X-Wing, the ships that destroyed the Death Star in the first movie in the Star Wars saga many years ago. The smaller fans also admire this mythical spacecraft model! Bioworld offers us this great model of a kid cap inspired by the iconic design of the X-Wing.

This child cap measures approximately 18 centimeters by 8 centimeters and is made with a combination of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. It's black and on the front appears the official Star Wars logo. In the visor we find an impressive illustration with a space battle in which an X-Wing appears in the foreground. It's the most famous rebel ship, piloted in the classic trilogy by Luke Skywalker and in the most recent installments by Poe Dameron. An icon of the Star Wars saga, both past and present! This cap is an official Star Wars license manufactured by Bioworld and has all the quality of Bioworld products.

Share your Star Wars hobby with the children of the house! This X-Wing Kid Cap Star Wars is a great gift for the little galactic rebels!

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