Zeno Plush Dragon Ball Super

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Zeno Plush Dragon Ball Super
Zeno Plush Dragon Ball Super
Zeno Plush Dragon Ball Super

The King of All arrives at the new collection of Dragon Ball Super plush toys that ABYstyle presents to us! Here we have the plush toy of Zeno, the almighty god who governs all the universes! The King of All is at the top of all the universes and he could destroy them in a second if he wanted to. In fact, originally there were eighteen universes, but six of them were destroyed by Zeno in a fit of rage. That's why there are only twelve universes. The King of All liked the martial arts tournament organized by the Gods of Destruction Beerus and Champa so much that he decided to organize his own tournament with fighters from different universes. That's how the Force Tournament began! In this tournament the destiny of each universe was at play, because if the fighters that represented that universe were defeated, Zeno would erase their universe of existence. It's curious that a character as friendly and with good manners as the King of All uses his enormous power in such a childish and irresponsible way. That is why even the Gods of Destruction fear their tantrums! If you like this great Dragon Ball Super character now you can get this fun plush that ABYstyle offers us. Complete the Dragon Ball Super plush collection!

This plush is made of synthetic materials (mainly polyester) and measures approximately 15 centimeters high. It's an adorable miniature version of Xeno, the King of All. The character appears with the same appearance as shown in Dragon Ball Super. It's a small humanoid with an oval head of blue and purple colors wearing a pink tunic with yellow edges. On the torso of the tunic appear the two kanji of "All" and "King". This plush is an official and licensed product of Dragon Ball Super and it has been manufactured by ABYstyle.

You've never seen such a soft and adorable version of the king of all the universes of Dragon Ball Super! Get now the great Xeno Plush Dragon Ball Super that ABYstyle offers us!

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