Status of a product in Kurogami

Status of a product in Kurogami

Within the Kurogami website, a product can be found in 4 different states, each of which has a number of special features.

Products in Stock:

- This type of products are currently in our warehouse. Therefore they are ready to be shipped as soon as the purchase is confirmed.

Products in pre-order: 

- This type of products can be ordered before the date of market release.
- They have a pre-order start and end date, which means that for a period of time you will be able to reserve the product.
- You will have the option to pay in installments or in installments.
- At all times we will keep you informed about the status of your order.

Products in "Order": 

- To be able to obtain this type of product, once the order has been placed you will have to wait between 3 to 7 working days as we have to order the product from our suppliers.
- However, if the product is in "Stock", you will be sent within 24 working hours, which have all products in "Stock" on the web.

Products in pre-purchase:

- In order to obtain this type of product, once you have placed the order, you must wait between 20 to 25 working days + the shipment contracted to purchase the product since we must order the product from the manufacturer.
- For this reason, as we have a longer delivery time, it is advisable to order this type of product well in advance.

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