Covenant Needler Halo Replica

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Covenant Needler Halo Replica

The Type-33 Guided Ammunition Launcher, better known as the Needler, is one of the most peculiar weapons from the Halo videogame saga. The Needler triggers multiple bursts of crystals or needles of a purple or pink color, which have the ability to orient themselves towards organic targets. In effect, the projectiles that it shoots have a limited capacity of tracking that facilitates that they hit the target. In addition, when one of the crystals of the Needler attaches to an enemy target it explodes, causing extra damage to the target. It isn't the most powerful weapon available to the alien alliance known as Covenant, but it's certainly one of the most dangerous. The Master Chief doesn't hesitate to use it as soon as he can! Now you can feel like the protagonist of the Halo saga with this incredible replica of the Needler offered by Disguise!

This replica is made of high quality plastic and measures 37 centimeters long, approximately. Reproduces in detail the shape of the Needler, including the handle and the crystals used as projectiles. It's a 100% official and licensed product of the Halo saga. It's an ideal object for exhibition or to use as a complement for cosplay. And it will be very useful if the Covenant attacked us again!

Imitate the Master Chief with this fantastic Covenant Needler Halo Replica made by Disguise!

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