Plasma Blaster Halo Replica

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Plasma Blaster Halo Replica

The T-25 DEP Plasma Gun, better known as Plasma Blaster, is one of the basic weapons of the Halo videogame saga. It's a standard weapon that triggers gradual discharges capable of deactivating shields, which makes it an essential safety weapon for most Covenant aliens. This weapon has the appearance of a pincer and its source of energy is plasma (an ionized gas of hydrogen fluoride). Its main disadvantage is that it overheats if it's used continuously for prolonged periods. Despite this inconvenience, it's one of the favorite weapons of the Master Chief for its ability to eliminate shields. Now you can feel like the protagonist of the Halo saga with this incredible Plasma Blaster replica offered by Disguise!

This replica is made of high quality plastic and measures 25 centimeters long by 21 centimeters high, approximately. Reproduces in detail the shape of the weapon, with its curved appearance, the shape of the handle and the barrel. It's a 100% official and licensed product of the Halo saga. It's an ideal object for exhibition or to use as a complement for cosplay. And it will be very useful if the Covenant attacked us again!

Follow in the footsteps of the Master Chief with this fantastic Plasma Blaster Halo Replica made by Disguise!

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